What's In The Box? - E59
Criminal AFJune 03, 202400:58:37

What's In The Box? - E59

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In 2014, a man and his daughters were cleaning out their garage when they came upon a gruesome discovery.  But this discovery was just the beginning of a nightmare that didn’t seem to have an end in sight.


PLUS:  We answer your Mail Call questions and Garrett fills us in about a drug fueled Florida Raver Zombie who’s craving FLESH!!!


Executive Producers for this episode are Christine Rivera, Beth Davis, Dusty Jay Hicks, and Terri Burke-Wolin.


Associate Producers are Paul Hodge, Tara Mazur, Shantal Daggett, Jay from Fright Flick FMK, Cherise Webb, Kori Cribbs, Donny Blake and Jared Rhodes.


Producers are JD, Trent Gobble, Devin Dean, Ashlee O’Connor, Lissa Porrello, Alicia Knight, Maria Selene, Kris Owen, NOT That Chad, Emily White, Iain Turner, Dom Cicchitto, Emily Dickendasher, Debby from True Crime University, Jeanette LeBlanc and Renee Prata.


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