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Criminal AF

A NSFW True Crime/Comedic Informative Podcast.

Are you a True Crime fanatic? Do you want to know all the morbid details? Do you think talking about Serial Killers is…FUN?!?  If you answered yes, then you’re in the right place and have finally found your crew.

Join hosts Dave Jarry and Garrett Courter of Criminal AF Podcast every other Monday to discuss some of the most heinous crimes imaginable…while having fun doing it.  Dave and Garrett bring a unique and unfiltered approach to their storytelling that will have you shocked beyond belief one minute and laughing out of your seat the next.  This is NOT your Grandma’s true crime podcast.

While we understand that Criminal AF is not for everyone, we ask that you at least give it a listen and if it’s not for you, well, thanks for checking it out.


Thank you to the our Producers:

Executive Producers:  Christine Rivera, Beth Davis and Dusty Jay Hicks

Associate Producers:  Paul Hodge, Laura Shinn, Shantal Daggett, Brooke Morgan, Jay Rollings, Terri Burke-Wolin and Tara Mazur

Producers:  JD, Trent Gobble, Emily White, Devin Dean, Lissa Porrello, Alicia Knight, Maria Selene, Kris Owen, Justin Wear, Elizabeth Plus 4, Jan O'Donnell and Beth Esselmann.

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Ham and Eggs - E60
Criminal AFJune 17, 2024x
01:42:3470.47 MB

Ham and Eggs - E60

Send us a Text!!!Today we’ll take a look at arguably the world’s most heinous serial killing pedophile, Albert Fish.PLUS - We answer your Mail Call questions, give an update on “Rex Heuermann – Architect” and Garrett tells us that the fastest way to go to jail in Florida is to crash your car through...

What's In The Box? - E59
Criminal AFJune 03, 2024x
00:58:3640.28 MB

What's In The Box? - E59

Send us a Text!!!In 2014, a man and his daughters were cleaning out their garage when they came upon a gruesome discovery. But this discovery was just the beginning of a nightmare that didn’t seem to have an end in sight. PLUS: We answer your Mail Call questions and Garrett fills us in about a drug ...

CrossOver Episode with True Crime University - E58
Criminal AFMay 17, 2024x
00:56:3038.84 MB

CrossOver Episode with True Crime University - E58

Send us a Text!!!On this crossover episode, I join Debby on her podcast, True Crime University, to provide some voiceover work in the role of William Bonin as Debby schools us on the Freeway Killer!!Executive Producers for this episode are Christine Rivera, Beth Davis, Dusty Jay Hicks, and Terri Bur...

CrossOver Episode with Fright Flick FMK - E57
Criminal AFMay 16, 2024x
01:31:4963.08 MB

CrossOver Episode with Fright Flick FMK - E57

Send us a Text!!!On this CROSSOVER episode, Dave visits the podcast Fright Flick FMK and joins host Jay to discuss and rate the horror classic, The Killer Sofa. Find out if Jay and Dave want to Fuck it, Marry it or Kill it….Executive Producers for this episode are Christine Rivera, Beth Davis, Dusty...

Dave's Favorite Episodes - E56
Criminal AFMay 15, 2024x
01:52:2677.24 MB

Dave's Favorite Episodes - E56

Send us a Text!!!In this episode, we'll be playing Dave's favorites, Love You To Death, the coerced suicide of Conrad Roy and the Mother F#cking Virgin, Kevin Davis.Executive Producers - Christine Rivera, Beth Davis, Dusty Jay Hicks and Terri Burke-Wolin.Associate Producers - Paul Hodge, Tara Mazur,...